Screencast - SQL Examiner Suite 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008 4:10 PM by Michael Paladino

Monday, October 6, I'll be presenting a brief demo of SQL Examiner Suite 2008 at the monthly Fort Smith .NET User Group meeting prior to the main presentation by Scott Cate.  I went ahead and recorded a screencast of that presentation for anyone who might be interested.

SQL Examiner Suite consists of a couple of tools, SQL Examiner and SQL Data Examiner, that allow the user to compare and synchronize database schemas and data.  It's a tool that I use on a regular basis and have found to be invaluable in my software development. 

As a disclaimer, the makers of SQL Examiner Suite, TulaSoft, are one of the sponsors of the Fort Smith .NET User Group, and I am using a free copy that I won at one of the meetings.  However, it was my decision to make this presentation to the group and to create this screencast and neither were in any way solicited by TulaSoft.

WMV | Zune

SubSonic Presentation Screencast

Monday, June 30, 2008 9:00 AM by Michael Paladino

The night before my presentation to FSDNUG on Easy Database Access with SubSonic, I recorded a rough screencast of the presentation. It was partly done to work out the kinks in my presentation, but I was hoping that it would be polished enough to post. Well, it was late, I was tired, it's not the best audio quality, and I didn't finish it, but here's what I recorded in multiple formats if you're interested:

Screencast: WMV | Zune | iPod

I know it was long and the audio wasn't great. If you have any other feedback, good or bad, please leave a comment. I hope to record future presentations so would appreciate any tips you have related to that. By the way, a few months ago Scott Hanselman posted the results of a survey he ran on screencast techniques. Next time I'll make sure and take that information into account.

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