Review of 2009

Sunday, January 3, 2010 3:26 PM by Michael Paladino

2009 was quite a year:

Since this is my technical blog, I won’t spend too much time on the personal stuff, but I do want to talk a bit about my experiences at Rockfish.


Rockfish Interactive is a fast-moving company that repeatedly puts out high-quality work due to the level of talent of its employees and vision of its leaders.  Being here this past year has definitely challenged me and helped me to grow tremendously in a number of areas. 

One of the biggest things that excites me about the company is the dedication to innovation and creation of new products and technology.  While a lot of companies talk about this, Rockfish has actually followed through via its Rockfish Labs division of which I’m proud to be a part. Rockfish had previously launched products such as Fourthbook, CrazyHotJob, and FileSend but never had dedicated resources for this type of work.  With Rockfish Labs staff has been allocated to specifically focus on building these types of products and technologies, and you should expect to see quite a bit of exciting offerings coming up in 2010.


TidyTweet was the first product on which Rockfish Labs focused.  A free version launched in early July and then won the Developer Launchpad Session at The Twitter Conference in Los Angeles later in September.  In October we then added a “Business” option and began to see our first paying customers. 

TidyTweet represented the bulk of my work at Rockfish in 2009, and I learned quite a bit from the project regarding software development.  I also got experience launching a public-facing product and look forward to the time when I can help do that again.


With all the craziness that 2009 brought, there were some things in my life that have definitely been neglected.  Due to time constraints, I’ve had to regretfully take a step back from my involvement in the Fort Smith .NET User Group and the technology community in general.  Luckily, the group has some great leadership in David Mohundro and the other officers who I’m confident will help it to continue to grow and be successful.

I’ve also let my relationship with God suffer this year.  It seems silly to even list this in this post as the magnitude of that statement dwarfs the importance of anything else I’ve written about.  Nevertheless, it’s something I’m aware of, and I want to publicly commit to working on it.  Relationships of any sort require quality time and energy if they are to flourish, and I intend to devote more of both to my relationship with the Lord in 2010.

Wrap Up

It’s been a great year on a number of levels and I’m excited about 2010. 

Professionally, at Rockfish I’m fortunate to have some great projects lined up in 2010.  I’m excited to work on them and look forward to when I can talk about them publicly. 

Personally, God has blessed me with a loving wife and family, and I look forward to all that we’ll get to do together this coming year.

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