FSDNUG Featured in Apress Catalog

Monday, September 22, 2008 8:07 PM by Michael Paladino

I just found out today that the Fort Smith .NET User Group has been profiled in the Apress Fall/Winter 2008 Catalog (check out page 15).  One of our officers, Jeremy Sloan, has done a great job of maintaining the group's relationship with Apress including requesting review copies of books and keeping them updated on the group's activities. 

In addition to the recognition in the catalog, Apress will also be sending us an "Apress tote bag full of books".  Looking forward to that!

So, thanks to Jeremy and thanks to all the members that have made FSDNUG a vibrant user group and a great place to learn and network.  And thanks to Apress for being such a great sponsor!

Apress Catalog cover Apress Catalog - FSDNUG article

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Path to .NET 3.5 Developer Certification

Friday, September 5, 2008 7:33 PM by Michael Paladino

This afternoon I saw a great diagram from Jorgen Thelin showing the .NET 3.5 developer certification paths including exams and certifications achieved.  This can be a confusing thing to try and understand when reading the text-based information in a table or paragraph format, so this really helped me see it all clearly.  Click the thumbnail below to see the full-size version.


By the way, back in December 2007 I passed that tiny little 70-536 exam at the very bottom.  I've got a long ways to go to get to MCPD Enterprise Application Developer :)

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Switch to BlogEngine.NET

Friday, September 5, 2008 9:31 AM by Michael Paladino

As you can probably tell by the RSS craziness or by the new look, I have followed in the footsteps of numerous others (Brian, ZachTim, and others I'm not remembering) who have switched to BlogEngine.NET.  My blog was previously running on the blog module of a DotNetNuke install.  While DotNetNuke is a reasonable solution for sites with a lot of different types of content or sites needing a lot of out of the box functionality, it was a bit overkill for just a blog.  Also, the blog module was a relatively late entry into the DotNetNuke world and just didn't yet have all the functionality that other blog engines have.

I've heard a lot of good things about BlogEngine.NET and so far have been impressed.  I used a template from DesignsByDarren.com and was able to create a "theme" relatively painlessly.  The migration process ended up being a combination of custom SQL to move over the content and comments and manually re-uploading the images into the new blog.  I'm planning on migrating my family's personal site as well which will pose a bigger challenge as it is extremely image-heavy and manually moving them all is not an option.  I'm looking forward to the challenge!

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