Passed 70-536

Monday, December 31, 2007 8:00 AM by Michael Paladino

After stepping away from studying for a couple of months, I finally decided I wanted to pass my first certfication exam in 2007. So, I studied more intensely for a week leading up to the exam and finally took and passed it on December 20.

To me the exam was actually a bit easier than the practice tests that I was using from the Training Kit book, but I've read the opinions of others who say just the opposite. There were some questions I was able to figure out just based on the context of the questions and general programming knowledge. There were others that I never would have known had I not specifically studied for this exam. For example, my day to day job duties typically don't take me anywhere near topics like encryption, COM, or anything beyond basic threading, but those were areas that were covered in the Training Kit book.

I am now trying to decide which test I want to try and tackle next. I've got an upcoming web project, so I am leaning in that direction. That would be Exam 70-528 - Web Based Client Development.

After taking the first exam, I definitely have a better idea of how to study for this one. Rather than stretching out the studying over months, I will most likely study intensely for a week or two and maybe take a day off work before exam day.

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